Presentations INREC 2022

Day 1 Stream 1

Hierarchical forecasting for aggregated curves with an application to day-ahead electricity price auctions

A survey of electricity spot and futures price models for risk management applications


Day 1 Stream 2

Electricity intraday price modeling with marked Hawkes processes

Are renewables profitable in 2030 across Europe? An analysis of market-based profitability in a central-planning least-cost system

Simulation-based Forecasting for Intraday Power Markets: Modelling Fundamental Drivers for Location, Shape and Scale of the Price Distribution

Prosumers with PV-Battery Systems in the electricity markets – a mixed complementarity approach


Day 1 Stream 3

A meta learning approach for short-term energy load, generation, and price forecasting

Data-Driven Design Optimization for Multi-Objective Industrial Energy System Transformation

Supporting the energy sector for data and digitalisation


Day 2 Keynote

Decision-making in energy markets under uncertainty: human-in-the-loop


Day 2 Stream 1

Improving short-term wind power forecasts by means of ensembles of weather forecasts providers and historical numerical weather predictions

Information Value of Weekly Weather Forecasts: An Empirical Analysis of Electricity Price Forecasting and Forward Arbitrage

An Electricity Price Modeling Framework for Renewable-Dominant Markets

Adaptive Probabilistic Forecasting of Electricity (Net-)Load


Day 2 Stream 2

How Forecast Errors affect Optimal Scheduling and Control of Local Cross Energy Systems

Modeling Volatility and Dependence of European Carbon and Energy Prices


Day 2 Stream 3

Optimal Trading with a battery: An optimization model for offering flexibility on the day-ahead, intraday and reserve markets

Specific Product Characteristics of System Services and a Discussion of the joint market-based procurement in a Single Product