[Oct 05,12:00] Bernhard Günther

Bernhard Günther is a member of the executive board of RWE Supply & Trading and its current Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Günther holds a PhD in Economics from the University St.Gallen. His responsibilies include Finance, Risk, Project Valuation & Control and IT. 

Homepage of Dr. Günther at RWE Supply & Trading

[Oct 05,17:30] Benjamin F. Hobbs
The Need for Electric Sector Policy Models that Represent Uncertainty and Risk Aversion 

Benjamin F. Hobbs is the Theodore M. & Kay W. Schad Professor in Environmental Management at the Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA).  His research interests include environmental and energy systems analysis and economics, multiobjective and risk analysis, mathematical programming models of imperfect energy markets and stochastic electric power planning models. Among others, Mr Hobbs has been serving on the editorial board of Operations Research, the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems and The Electricity Journal.

Homepage of Benjamin Hobbs at JHU <span id="1252668760532S"> </span>

[Oct 06,12:30] Derek M. Bunn
The Need for Electric Sector Policy Models that Represent Uncertainty and Risk Aversion Nonlinear Modelling and Forecasting of Electricity Prices 

Derek W. Bunn is a Professor at London Business School, with research on the energy sector extending back over 30 years. Author of numerous research papers and books in the areas of forecasting, decision analysis and energy economics, he has been Editor of the Journal of Forecasting since 1984, a previous Editor of Energy Economics, and Founding Editor of the new Journal of Energy Markets. He has advised many international companies and government agencies in this sector.

Homepage of Derek Bunn at LBS