Keynote Speaker


Prof. Dr. Pierre Pinson, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Recent challenges with renewable energy forecasting in high dimensions

Prof. Dr. Norbert Schwieters, Global Leader, Energy, Utilities, and Resources, Partner, PwC Germany

Strategies to confront rising demand and climate threats

Dr. Luca Taschini, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Emissions trading systems, cap adjustments and the Market Stability Reserve



Alexander Blasberg, Nikolaus Graf von Luckner, Rüdiger KieselModeling the Serial Structure of the Hawkes Process Parameters for Market Order Arrivals on the German Intraday Power Market
Anke Kramer, Rüdiger KieselAn Extended Hawkes Process Model for Order Arrivals Incorporating External Influences 
Bartosz Uniejewski, Rafał WeronRegularization for quantile regression averaging. A new approach to constructing probabilistic forecasts
Christoph Schimeczek, Felix NitschModeling forecast errors for day-ahead electricity market prices
Christopher Ball, Stefan Vögele, Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs, Mathias GrajewskiE-mobility from a multi-actor point of view: uncertainties and their impacts
Christopher Jahns, Philip Beran, Christian FurtwänglerOn the Merits of Stochastic Optimization in Balancing and Electricity Markets
Christopher Kath, Florian ZielConformal Prediction Interval Estimations with an Application to Day-Ahead and Intraday Power Markets 
Dawud Ansari, Franziska HolzBetween asset stranding and green transformation: Fossil-fuel-dependent developing countries towards 2055
Katarzyna Maciejowska, Bartosz Uniejewski, Tomasz SerafinPrincipal component forecast averaging across different calibration windows in day-ahead electricity markets
Kristina Nienhaus, Martin Klein, Christoph Schimeczek, Marc Deissenroth, Ulrich FreySelf-inforcing deflationary price dynamics under the variable market premium scheme
Mario BeykirchEvaluation of Day-Ahead Electricity Price Predictions with Multi-Stage Stochastic Programs
Marie-Louise KloubertProbabilistic modelling to analyse the influence of uncertain variables on the electrical transmission grid
Markus Bohlayer, Markus Fleschutz, Marco Braun, Gregor ZöttlBidding in sequential markets under uncertainty – A demand side perspective
Mathias Gabel, Silke Johanndeiter, Paula SchliesslerThe Trade-Off between Grid Expansion and Congestion Management – Assessing the Allocation Decision of a Regulated Electricity Distribution System Operator Under Different Incentive Schemes
Matthias Zech, Bruno Schyska, Esther Peerlings, Lueder von BremenShort-term renewable forecasting using Bayesian Neural Networks: Statistical and economic value in energy system dispatch models
Mawuli Segnon, Dirk EngelForecasting Balancing Energy Prices
Michal Narajewski , Florian ZielEnsemble Forecasting for Intraday Electricity Prices: Simulating Trajectories
Mirjam Ambrosius, Jonas Egerer, Veronika Grimm, Adriaan van der WeijdeThe role of expectations for market design – on structural regulatory uncertainty in electricity markets
Munib AminMethodological progress in the assessment of investment decisions in the increasingly uncertain environment of the electricity sector
Nikolaus Graf von Luckner, Rüdiger KieselModelling market order arrivals on the intraday market for electricity deliveries in Germany with the Hawkes process
Oliver Ruhnau, Lion Hirth , Aaron PraktiknjoHeating with wind: Economics of heat pumps and variable renewables
Peru Muniain, Aitor Ciarreta, Ainhoa ZarragaJumps and cojumps in electricity price forecasting
Tim Janke, Florian SteinkeForecasting the Price Distribution of Continuous Intraday Electricity Trading
Tobias Hübner, Serafin von RoonSmall-scale modelling of individual measures in the industry
Tomasz Serafin, Bartosz Uniejewski, Rafał WeronAveraging Predictive Distributions Across Calibration Windows for Day-Ahead Electricity Price Forecasting

Notice: Cleared presentations will be available to download in a password protected area after the conference.