Program Overview

Conference Program

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 15, 2021:


TimeStream: Energy MarketsStream: Forecasting / Trading                   
10:30Joining the virtual conference rooms
10:45Welcome & Introduction
11:00Keynote Speech 1:
Prof. Simon Dietz (London School of Economics)
WHat are big corporations doing on climate change?"
12:00Lunch Break
12:50Joining the virtual conference rooms
 Session Title: Demand Response / Agent-Based ModellingSession Title: Trading
13:00Speaker: Christoph Fraunholz (KIT) – Risk Aversion in Capacity
Expansion Planning: An Agent-Based Simulation Study

Discussant: Johannes Kochems
Speaker: Andreas Schroeder (ICIS) – EU Emissions Trading at Crossroads
Discussant: Ofelia Bonesini
13:40Speaker: Johannes Kochems (DLR) – Integrating demand response
into an agentbased model of the German electricity sector

Discussant: Oliver Ruhnau
Speaker: Thomas Walther (University of Utrecht) - Common Drivers of Commodity Futures
Discussant: Andreas Schroeder
14:20Speaker: Oliver Ruhnau (Hertie School) – The responsiveness of
the aggregate electricity demand to wholesale electricity prices

Discussant: Christoph Fraunholz
Speaker: Ofelia Bonesini (Paris Dauphine) – A McKean-Vlasov game of com-modity production, consumption and trading
Discussant: Tom Dudda
15:00Virtual Coffee Break
15:15Joining the virtual conference rooms
 Session Title: Gas MarketsSession Title: Forecasting I
15:20Speaker: Markos Farag (University of Cologne) – On the Effect of Political Economy on the Global Natural Gas Market
Discussant: Giovanni Micheli
Speaker: Bartosz Uniejewski (University of Wroclaw) – Smoothed Quantile
Regression Averaging. A novel approach to probabilistic forecast
of Electricity Price

Discussant: Ria Grindel
16:00Speaker: Christoph Halser (NTNU) – Natural gas pricing on three continents: A review of gas-oil relationships
Discussant: Markos Farag
Speaker: Ria Grindl (Fraunhofer) – Forecasting of the ID3-Price using
limit orderbook data

Discussant: Bartosz Uniejewski

Speaker: Giovanni Micheli (University of Bergamo) – Long-term expansion planning of integrated electricity and gas systems with high shares of renewables and bidirectional energy flows
Discussant: Christoph Halser

Speaker: Annika Kemper (University of Bielefeld) - The Market Price of
Risk for Electricity Swaps

17:20End of Day 1

Day 2 - Thursday, September 16, 2021: 

TimeStream: Energy MarketsStream: Forecasting / Modex Ensaves             
 Session Title: Energy System Modeling
09:00Speaker: Lars Nolting (RWTH) – How to adequately model security of electricity supply in Germany in the context of energy transition and liberalization
Discussant: Giuseppe Orlando
09:40Speaker: Giuseppe Orlando (University of Bari) – Modelling the industrial production of electric and gas utilities through a generalized Chen-type three-factor model
Discussant: Lars Nolting
10:20Virtual Coffee Break
10:40Keynote Speech 2:
Thomas Dederichs (Head of energy policy at Amprion GmbH)
Systemvision 2050"
11:40Joining the virtual conference rooms
 Session Title: Best Paper AwardSession Title: MODEX-EnSAVes I – Insights from model comparisons
11:50Speaker: Lisa Taruttis (University of Duisburg-Essen) – Estimating the impact of energy efficiency on housing prices in Germany: Does regional disparity matter?
Discussant: Julian Studt
Speaker: Alexandra Märtz (KIT) – How to integrate real-world user behaviour into models for the market diffusion of alternative fuels in passenger cars – an in-depth comparison of three models for Germany
12:30Speaker: Julian Studt (University of Braunschweig) – Electricity Spot Price  Forecast: In Depth Analysis of Different Machine Learning Methods
Discussant: Lisa Taruttis
Speaker: Songmin Yu (Fraunhofer) – Systematic intercomparison of bottom-up building stockmodels for the
long-term diffusion of heating technologies in the German building sector
13:10Lunch Break
14:00Joining the virtual conference rooms
 Session Title: Flexibility ModelingSession Title: MODEX-EnSAVes II – Insights from model comparisons
14:10Speaker: Matthias Hadlak (TU Braunschweig) – Optimized Schedule-Based Operation Planning of Flexibilities
Discussant: Matthias Stark
Speaker: Florian Zimmermann (KIT) – Systematic comparison of high-resolution electricity system modeling approaches focusing on investment, dispatch and generation adequacy
14:50Speaker: Matthias Stark (HTW Berlin) – Regional merit order curves - incentives of regionally required flexibility within a Germany-wide price zone
Discussant: Matthias Hadlak
Speaker: Steffi Misconel (TU Dresden) – Model coupling and com-
parison of development pathways for flexibility options and their
impacts on critical electricity supply situations
15:30GEE Best Paper Award Presentation
16:00Keynote Speech 3:
Prof. Hamid Zareipour (University of Calgary)
"Grid transformation: lessons from history to imagine a future grid"
17:00Closing Remarks


All concurrent session speakers will have approximately 40 minutes (including discussion - e. g. 30 min talk, 10 min discussion) to present their paper.

Keynote Speaker