Keynote Speaker


 Richard Green, Imperial College London

Will new forms of energy storage have a role in the electricity market?

 Nicola Secomandi, Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business, Pittsburgh

Merchant Commodity Storage: Heuristics and Dual Bounds

 Justus Haucap, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)

Risks and opportunities in the German Energiewende – a competition economics perspective



Nourah AlYousef    Modeling and forecasting crude oil prices using ARCH-type models
Esmail Ansari    The Role of Speculation in Price Formation on the Oil Markets
Benjamin BöckerStorage Evaluation in Congested Grids
Anton Bondarev    Investments Delays and Limit Cycles
Alexander Boogert, Paul de Bruyn, Marije WagterExplaining Gas Storage Levels Using Market Price Information
Biresselioglu et al.   Energy Security Perception of Industrial Enterprises in Turkey: A Survey on Coherence of Perception with Turkish Energy Policy and Industrial Strategy Documents
Alina Fedosova    Investment Decisions Testing in Multi-Agent Systems
Damir Filipovic, Martin Larsson, Tony WarePolynomial Energy Models
Manuel Frondel, Stephan Sommer, Colin VanceThe Burden of Germany's Energy Transition: An Empirical Analysis of Distributional Effects
Lukas Gläsel, Reinhard Madlener  Optimal Timing of Onshore Repowering in Germany under Policy Regime Changes: A Real Options Analysis
Nils Günter May   The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology Choices
Martin Hain, Julian Hess, Marliese Uhrig-HomburgRelative Value Arbitrage on European Energy Commodity Markets
Lion Hirth    Minimal Thermal Generation in Power Systems- Inferring Private Cost Parameters from Observed Firm Behavior
Lion Hirth, Simon Mueller  System-friendly wind and solar power - How Advanced Plant Design Can Increase the Value of Wind and Solar PV
Rachid Id Brik, Andrea Roncoroni Static Mitigation of Volumetric Risk
Gunnar Kaestle    Exergy Discounting with the Laplace Transform
Takashi Kanamura    A Financialization Model of Crude Oil Markets
Steffen Kartenbender    Power Barges – Opportunities and Business Risks of an Innovative Flexibility Option
Tony Klein, Thomas Walter  Oil Price Volatility Forecast with Mixture-Memory-GARCH
Andreas Knaut, Simon Paulus  Hourly Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand in the German Day-Ahead Market
Sascha Kollenberg, Luca Taschini  The Market Stability Reserve in the EU ETS: Stochastic Equilibrium Modelling and Policy Optimization
Michael Kustermann, Rüdiger Kiesel  A Structural Model for Coupled Electricity Markets with Application to the French-German Market
Frank Lehrbass    A Short Note on Sovereign Commodity Risk Management
Rainer Lux, René Mück  Risk Management with Weather Derivatives
Celine McInerney, Derek W. Bunn Efficient Use of Transmission Assets by Oversizing Wind Generation Facilities
Paul Nahmmacher et al.  Long-term Strategies to Ensure a Robust Performance of the European Electricity System
André Ortner, Christoph Graf  Efficient Reserve Capacity Prices in Electricity Balancing Markets with Long-term Contracts
M. Pahle, H. Schweizerhof  A Risk Perspective on Market Integration and the Reform of Renewable Support in Germany
Christian PapeAre Fundamentals Enough? Explaining Price Variations in the German Day-Ahead and Intraday Market
Yves Rakotondratsimba, Pierre Six  Correlation as a Pricing Factor for Oil Derivatives
Stefan Rameseder    Bids and "Guesses" in Secondary Reserve
Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn  On the Way to 100 % Renewables: A Greenfield Model to Evaluate Power Storage Requirements
Stephan Schlüter, Helmut Herwartz  Improving Forecasts Produced by Wavelet-Based Denoising Methods Using Futures Prices
Lorenz Schneider, Bertrand Tavin  From the Samuelson Volatility Effect to a Samuelson Correlation Effect: Evidence from Crude Oil Calendar Spread Options
Christian Sölch et al.  Market- vs. Cost-Based Redispatch
Tiziano Vargiolu et al.  Optimal Pricing Strategy for an Energy Retailer
Sergey Zykov et al. Efficient steering of integrated energy firms using internal transfer prices

Notice: Abstracts will be available to download in a password protected area after the conference.