Essen, September 12-13, 2017


Conference Objective
This conference will have a particular focus on the link between macroeconomics and energy and will be covering all functional areas of energy finance and commodity finance. Our goal is to stage an interdisciplinary platform for researchers from different fields and give insights on energy challenges from diverse viewpoints.
Conference Topics
  • Energy Price Modeling
  • Commodity Markets and Spillovers
  • Energy Market (Dis-)Equilibria
  • Energy Innovations & Energy Markets
  • Energy Prices, Consumption and Growth
  • Energy Policies and Economic Impact
  • Monetary Policy, Spillovers and Energy Policy
  • Global Liquidity and Energy Trade
  • Financing Energy Infrastructure
  • Risk Measurement and Management
  • Regulation and Regulatory Risk
  • Asset Valuation
  • Alternative Climate Policies
  • Fluctuation of Renewables and Markets
  • Oil Prices and World Savings
  • Energy and Foreign Exchange Markets



Further Information
The conference is jointly organized by:
Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kiesel 

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Belke

The conference language is English.

 Contact during Conference Days:
  • Haus der Technik Service Desk (for questions regarding directions or the conference venue) : +49 (0)201/18031
  • House of Energy Markets and Finance Hotline (for questions regarding the program and social events): +49 (0)201/1836458