Essen, March 23.-25. 2015


Energy Markets – Risks of Transformation and Disequilibria

Conference Objective
The energy markets are undergoing rapid changes – intended transformation processes like the German Energiewende and unexpected shifts like the substantial drop in oil prices since June 2014. These changes provide opportunities and advantages, but they also pose new challenges and risks for companies and governments. The conference provides a unique, interdisciplinary forum to discuss new methods and approaches for modeling and coping with these transformations and the associated opportunities, disequilibria and risks. Contributions are particularly welcome that build the bridge between theoretically sound models and practically relevant applications.
Conference themes and topics
  • Energy Price Modeling

  • Trading in Commodity Markets

  • Energy Market (Dis-)Equilibria

  • Fluctuation Renewabels & Markets

  • Energy Risk Management

  • Energy Innovations & Energy Markets

  • Energy Grids and Markets

  • Investments under Uncertainty

  • Regulation and Regulatory Risk

  • Financing Energy Infrastructure
Best Paper Award
Best Paper Award: All submitted papers compete for a Best Paper Award sponsored by the GEE e.V. (German section of the International Association for Energy Economics - IAEE). Nominees will be requested to submit a full paper and to present in a Best Paper Session. The best paper receives a 300 € prize. The second-best paper receives a 200 € prize.