Conference Program

Conference Program

Day 1 - Wednesday, September 9, 2020:


Time Stream: Electricity Markets Stream: Forecasting/Trading                    Stream: Mixed
10:30 Joining the virtual conference rooms
10:45 Welcome & Introduction
11:00 Panel Discussion
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt (RWI), Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick (Wuppertal Institut), Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber (EWL)
" 180 € per tonne of CO2? – the key to achieving the climate targets? "
12:00 Lunch Break
12:50 Joining the virtual conference rooms
  Session Title: Security of Supply Session Title: Probabilistic Forecasting Session Title: Political Hot Topics in an Energy Market Context  
13:00 Speaker: Lars Nolting (RWTH Aachen) - A guideline to identify optimal levels of complexity in energy system models - insights from security of supply assessments
Discussant: Marie-Louise Kloubert
Speaker: Jonathan Berrisch (University of Duisburg Essen) – Data Science Methods for Probabilistic Natural Gas Price Forecasting
Discussant: Christopher Kath
Speaker: Carl-Philipp Anke, David Schönheit (TU Dresden) - Explaining recent carbon emissions reductions in the German power sector: Market developments vs. sustainable transition
Discussant: Christopher Ball
13:40 Speaker: Marie-Louise Kloubert (TransnetBW)  - Assessment of Generation Adequacy considering Uncertainties
Discussant: Lars Nolting
Speaker: Tim Janke (TU Darmstadt) - An Empirical Evaluation of Forecast Combination Approaches for Probabilistic Electricity Price Forecasting
Discussant: Jonathan Berrisch
Speaker: Christopher Ball (EWI) (FZ Jülich) - Electricity Market Relationship between the UK and its Neighbours: Distributional Effects of Brexit
Discussant: Carl-Philip Anke
14:20 Virtual Coffee Break
14:40 Joining the virtual conference rooms
  Session Title: Best Paper Award Nominees Session Title: Trading Session Title: Financial Incentives for the Energy Transition & Local Flexibility Markets
14:50 Speaker: Clemens Marggraf (RWI) - Reducing Vehicle Cold Start Emissions through Carbon Pricing: Evidence from Germany
Discussant: Jonas Zinke
Speaker: Emil Kraft (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) - Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization of Trading Flexibility on Nested Electricity Markets: Trading Strategies for Balancing Reserve Markets
Discussant: Weronika Marta Nitka
Speaker: Niklas Vespermann (TU Munich) - Access Economy for Storage in Energy Communities
Discussant: Jan Priesmann
15:30 Speaker: Jonas Zinke (EWI) - One price fits all? Wind power expansion under uniform and nodal pricing in Germany.
Discussant: Philipp Hauser
Speaker: Weronika Marta Nitka (Wrocław University) - Balancing RES Generation: Profitability of an Energy Trader
Discussant: Tim Janke
Speaker: Jan Priesmann (RWTH Aachen) - Energy transition and social justice - Allocation of cost of feed-in tariffs
Discussant: Jakob Knauf
16:10 Speaker: Philipp Hauser (TU Dresden) - The Contribution of Gas Infrastructure to Security of Gas Supply in Europe – A Stochastic Programming Approach
Discussant: Clemens Marggraf
Speaker: Christopher Kath (RWE Supply&Trading GmbH) - Optimal Order Execution in Intraday Markets: Minimizing Cost in Trade Trajectories
Discussant: Emil Kraft
Speaker: Jakob Knauf (University of St. Gallen) - Can’t buy me acceptance? – Public attitude and financial incentives in contested wind energy projects in Germany
Discussant: Niklas Vespermann
16:50 Joining the virtual social event rooms
17:00 Virtual Social Event
18:30 End of Day 1

Day 2 - Thursday, September 10, 2020: 


Time Stream: Electricity Markets Stream: Forecasting/Trading                Stream: Mixed
  Session Title: The future of Electricity Markets Session Title: Neural Networks Session Title: Modelling Conventional Power Plants
09:00 Speaker: Philipp Trotter (Oxford University) - Predicting electricity generation mixes without scenario assumptions – A machine learning approach for power plant success factors and failure rates
Discussant: Moritz Wüthrich
Speaker: Andreas Wagner (ITWM) - Improving electricity price forecasting using embedding layers in neural networks
Discussant: Grzegorz Marcjasz
Speaker: Robin Leisen (University of Duisburg - Essen) - Modelling of combined cycle power plants in a detailed electricity market model
Discussant: Reinhard Madlener
09:40 Speaker: Moritz Wüthrich (ETH Zurich) - Data-driven forecast of long-term electricity market prices for the assessment of power purchase agreements
Discussant: Philipp Trotter
Speaker: Grzegorz Marcjasz (Wrocław University) - Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices: best practices and state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks
Discussant: Andreas Wagner
Speaker: Reinhard Madlener (RWTH Aachen) - Real Options Model for the Disinvestment in Conventional Power Plants
Discussant: Robin Leisen
10:20 Virtual Coffee Break
10:40 Keynote Speech 2:
Dr. Juan Bernabé-Moreno - Chief Data Officer & Global Head of Analytics and AI at E.ON SE – Title: How E.ON is leveraging Data and AI to shape the energy world
11:30 GEE Best Paper Award
11:40 Joining the virtual conference rooms
  Session Title: Flexibility Markets & Congestion Management Session Title: Electricity Prices I Session Title: Gas Markets and Hydrogen
11:50 Speaker: Lucas Jürgens (HAW Hamburg) - Beyond the copper plate: Market-based congestion management in future Northern Germany
Discussant: Manuel Eising
Speaker: Tomasz Serafin (Wrocław University) - Trading on Short-term Path Forecasts of the German Intraday Electricity Prices
Discussant: Arkadiusz Jędrzejewski
Speaker: Anna Christin Meißner (Fraunhofer ISIT) - Beyond surplus electricity utilization - Analysis on smart application of electrolysers for hydrogen production and ancillary services
Discussant: Matthew Schmidt
12:30 Speaker: Manuel Eising (EIFER) - Redispatch patterns of concurrent market and reserve power plant activations in Germany
Discussant: Lucas Jürgens
Speaker: Arkadiusz Jędrzejewski (Wrocław University) - The importance of the long-term seasonal component in day-ahead electricity price forecasting revisited: Parameter-rich models estimated via the LASSO
Discussant: Tomasz Serafin
Speaker: Matthew Schmidt (TU Dresden) - Assessing the Impact of Uncertainties on Infrastructure Developments in the European Natural Gas Market: A robust optimization approach
Discussant: Anna Christin Meißner
13:10 Lunch Break
14:00 Keynote Speech 3:
Prof. Yannig Goude, Université Paris-Sud / EDF – Title: Machine learning methods for electricity load forecasting: contributions and perspectives
14:50 Joining the virtual conference rooms
  Session Title: Demand Side Management Session Title: Electricity Prices II Session Title: Portfolio and Risk Analysis
15:00 Speaker: Johannes Kochems (TU Berlin) - Demand response potentials for Germany: potential clustering and comparison of modeling approaches
Discussant: Oliver Ruhnau
Speaker: Felix Nitsch (German Aerospace Center) - Model in model: Electricity price forecasts in agent-based energy system simulations
Discussant: Bartosz Uniejewski
Speaker: Barbara Glensk (RWTH Aachen) - Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization of Onshore Wind Power Plants
Discussant: Michael Chow
15:40 Speaker: Oliver Ruhnau (Hertie School) - Flexible electricity demand: a lower bound for the value of renewable energy
Discussant: Johannes Kochems
Speaker: Bartosz Uniejewski (Wrocław University) - PCA forecast averaging -- predicting day-ahead and intraday electricity prices
Discussant: Felix Nitsch
Speaker: Michael Chow (ETH Zurich) - Modeling and analysis of the risk associated with virtual power purchase agreements from an off-taker perspective
Discussant: Barbara Glensk
16:20 End of Sessions Day 2
16:30 End

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All concurrent session speakers will have approximately 40 minutes (including discussion - e. g. 30 min talk, 10 min discussion) to present their paper.