Conference Program

Keynote speeches take place in Hall A1. Talks of the parallel sessions take place in Hall A1 [Hörsaal A1] (left column) or Hall A2 [Hörsaal A2] (right column).

Preliminary Schedule (as of July 14, 2017)

Day 1 - Tuesday, September 12, 2017:

TimeRoom A1 - Stream Energy Infrastructure and TradingRoom A2 - Stream Macroeconomics
11:00Welcome and Introduction
11:20Keynote Speech 1:
Lutz Kilian, University of Michigan - Lower Oil Prices and the U.S. Economy: Is This Time Different?
12:10Lunch Break
PS1Valuing FlexibilityConsumption & Growth
13:00Christian Pape: The Impact of Intraday Markets on the Market Value of FlexibilityDietmar Lindenberger, Florian Weiser: Analysis of Economic Growth in Germany Using Disaggregated Energy-Dependent Production Functions
13:40Sven Böhme: Model-Based Analysis of Revenue Opportunities for Battery Storage on the Day-Ahead Market using Phelix and Cap FuturesMonika Papiez, Slawomir Smiech, Katarzyna Frodyma: The energy consumption - economic growth nexus related to the development of the renewable energy sector in the EU
14:20Coffee Break
Risk ManagementShocks, Trends and Cycles in Growth
14:40Henrik Specht: Finding an efficient hedge strategy on corporate levelGail Cohen, Joao Jalles, Prakash Loungani, Ricardo Marto: Emissions and Growth: Trends and Cycles in a Globalized World
15:20George Filis, Aleksander Olstad, Stavros Degiannakis:  Risk management strategies for oil and currency volatility portfoliosLanour Charfeddine, Tony Klein, Thomas Walther: Oil price shocks and the macro-economy: is this time different?
16:00Coffee Break
16:20Keynote Speech 2:
Pierre Siklos, Wilfrid Laurier University - Commodity Prices, Inflation, and Inflation Expectations
17:30Departure from Haus der Technik to Gasometer Oberhausen
18:00Tour at Gasometer Oberhausen
19:30Transfer from Gasometer Oberhausen to Heiner's Restaurant
22:00Transfer back to HDT

Day 2 - Wednesday, September 13, 2017: 

TimeRoom A1 - Stream Energy Infrastructure and TradingRoom A2 - Stream Macroeconomics
PS3Financing & Operating AssetsInstitutions & Compliance
08:30Nasir Kolade: Empirical Relationship Between Energy Infrastructure, Project Finance and Other Conventional Sources of Financing Using Generalised Method of Moments to Explain the Variations in Energy Projects Financing (Nigerian Energy Sector).Andreas Tornaritis: An examination of the impact of Supranational and Industry-Specific Institutional Distances on IOCs’ operations in the hydrocarbon industry of the Eastern Mediterranean
09:10Stephan Prell: A sequential design for gas storage optimization using kriging metamodelsThore Kockerols: Economic consequences of commodity manipulation – Evidence from a DSGE model
09:50Coffee Break
10:10Keynote Speech 3:
Felix Matthes, Oeko-Institut e.V. - tba
Challenges of DecarbonisationVolatility in Commodities
11:00Alex Schmitt: Modeling the Transition to Clean Power Generation Under Regulatory and Technological UncertaintyRobinson Kruse, Christoph Wegener: Time-varying persistence in commodity markets and its determinants
11:40Christoph Weissbart: Decarbonization of Power Markets and Fairness: An Application of Cooperative Game TheoryDuc Khuong Nguyen, Thomas Walther: Identifying the Long-term Volatility Drivers of Commodity Markets
12:20Lunch Break
13:20Keynote Speech 4:
Dr. Hans Bünting, innogy SE
Electricity Price ModellingOil & Money
14:10Florian Ziel: tbaJoscha Beckmann, Robert Czudaj, Vipin Arora: The Relationship between Oil Prices and Exchange Rates: Revisiting Theory and Evidence
14:50Wieger Hinderks: The German Electricity Market RevisitedTimo Baas, Ansgar Belke: Oil price shocks, monetary policy and current account imbalances within a monetary union
15:30Closing Remarks
Additional Information & Download
All concurrent session speakers will have approximately 40 minutes (including discussion - e. g. 30 min talk, 10 min discussion) to present their paper. You will be able to download the time schedule (pdf) here.