Keynote Speaker


Stein-Erik Fleten, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (NOR)

Coordinated vs sequential bidding into short-term electricity markets

Rafal Weron, Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw (POL)

Recent advances in electricity price forecasting: A 2018 perspective
Andreas Loeschel, University of Münster (GER)

Energy Transition in Germany - Status quo and Challenges                                                                                             

Katja van Doren, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO), RWE Generation SEPolitical and regulatory uncertainties in the energy markets: an industry perspective



Darudi, Ali; Weigt, HannesWhy incumbents are underactive in renewable energy investments: a market power approach
Zerrahn, Alexander; Schill, Wolf-Peter; Kemfert, ClaudiaOn the economics of electrical storage for variable renewable energy sources
Janke, Tim; Steinke, FlorianA Quantile Regression Deep Neural Network for
 Probabilistic Electricity Price Forecasting
Govorukha, Kristina; Mayer, Philip; Rübbelke, Dirk; Vögele, StefanThe Impacts of Macroeconomic Cycles and Other Dynamics on Long-Term Scenarios
Tiedemann, Silvana; Ehrhart, Karl-Martin; Seifert, StefanHow to meet renewable energy targets via auction?
Kath, Christopher; Ziel, FlorianThe value of forecasts - Quantifying the economic gains of accurate
 quarter-hourly forecasts
Weinhold, Richard; Schönheit, David; Dierstein, ConstantinImpact of Different Generation Shift Key Strategies on the Flow-based Market Coupling Domain in Germany
Egli, Florian; Steffen, Bjarne; Schmidt, TobiasThe dynamics of financing renewable energy assets: A quantitive analysis for Germany
Lehmann, Nico; Lanzrath, NathalieAn estimation of hard coal transport costs in Germany, France, Italy and Spain
Zerrahn, Alexander; Schill, Wolf-PeterFlexible power-to-heat and variable renewable energy sources
Huber, Franz; Spiridonova, Olga(Anti)Competitive effects of RES infeed in a transmission-constrained network
Aust, Benjamin; Horsch, Andreas; Klein, Tony; Walther, Thomas; Ziel, FlorianForecasting negative market prices at power exchanges using transformation approaches
Albers, Stefan; Klein, Tony; Walther, ThomasThe Leverage Effect and Asymmetric News Impact on the Variance of
 Energy Commodities
Balardy, ClaraComplementarity between an auction and a continuous market:
The case of the German power intraday market for 15 min contracts
Heilmann, ChristophDeferring distribution grid investments with V2G technology in systems with high
decentral renewable generation
Uniejewski, BartoszEfficient forecasting of electricity spot prices with expert and LASSO models
Schäfer, CarstenIntraday Price Forecast – Applied artificial intelligence algorithms to predict
 power prices for the German market area
Muniain, Peru; Ziel, FlorianProbabilistic forecasting and simulation of electricity prices
Hinderks, WiegerPricing Energiewende products: intraday cap and floor futures
Marcjasz, Grzegorz; Uniejewski, Bartosz; Weron, RafalProbabilistic electricity price forecasting with NARX,networks:
Combine point or probabilistic forecasts?
Kulakov, Sergei; Ziel, FlorianThe impact of renewable energy forecasts on intra-day electricity prices
Klein, Martin; Schimeczek, ChristophLong-term modelling of electricity market prices to examine prospective revenues of storage agents
Serafin, Tomasz; Marcjasz, Grzegorz; Weron, RafalAveraging Day-Ahead Electricity Price Forecasts For Autoregressive Models Across Calibration Windows Of Various Lengths
Reeg, MatthiasAgent-Based Modelling of Market and Policy Risks for Variable Renewables Investment and their Impacts on Effectiveness and Efficiency of RES-E Policy Instrument
Kaestle, GunnarHow to deal with inelastic electricity production?
Vogler, Arne; Ziel, FlorianOn the Evaluation of Multivariate Event Probability Predictions in Electricity Price Forecasting
Felten, Björn; Felling, Tim; Voswinkel, Simon; Weber, ChristophFlow-Based Market Coupling - the effects of uncertainties, lack of cooperation and use of heuristics
Heidari, Sina; Weber, ChristophThe role of Power-to-Gas in the future energy system
Fiand, FrederikSolving Large-Scale Energy System Models

Notice: Cleared presentations will be available to download in a password protected area after the conference.