Conference Program

Keynote speeches take place in Hall A1. Talks of the parallel sessions take place in Hall A1 [Hörsaal A1] (left column) or Hall A2 [Hörsaal A2] (right column).

Monday, March 23
11:00 Registration
12:00 Welcome

Introduction Speech: Christoph Weber
Risks and Perspectives in European Energy Markets

13:00Lunch Break
Parallel Sessions
14:15André Ortner, Christoph GrafSergey Zykov
Efficient Reserve Capacity Prices in Electricity Balancing Markets with Long-term ContractsEfficient Steering of Integrated Utilities by Smart Design of Internal Transfer Prices
14:45Stefan RamesederTiziano Vargiolu et al.
Bids and "Guesses" in Secondary ReserveOptimal Pricing Strategy for an Energy Retailer
15:15Christian Sölch et al.Andreas Knaut, Simon Paulus
Market- vs. Cost-Based RedispatchHourly Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand in the German Day-Ahead Market
15:45Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
16:15Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander ZerrahnStephan Schlüter, Helmut Herwartz
On the Way to 100 % Renewables: A Greenfield Model to Evaluate Power Storage RequirementsImproving Forecasts Produced by Wavelet-Based Denoising Methods Using Futures Prices
16:45Steffen KartenbenderAlexander Boogert, Paul de Bruyn, Marije Wagter 
Power Barges – Opportunities and Business Risks of an Innovative Flexibility OptionExplaining Gas Storage Levels Using Market Price Information
17:15Biresselioglu et al.Christian Pape 
Energy Security Perception of Industrial Enterprises in Turkey: A Survey on Coherence of Perception with Turkish Energy Policy and Industrial Strategy DocumentsAre Fundamentals Enough? Explaining Price Variations in the German Day-Ahead and Intraday Power Market
17:45Coffee Break
18:00Keynote Speech: Justus Haucap
Risks and opportunities in the German Energiewende – a competition economics perspective
Tuesday, March 24
09:00Keynote Speech: Nicola Secomandi
Merchant Commodity Storage: Heuristics and Dual Bounds
10:00Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
10:15M. Pahle, H. SchweizerhofFrank Lehrbass
A Risk Perspective on Market Integration and the Reform of Renewable Support in GermanyA Short Note on Sovereign Commodity Risk Management
10:45Manuel Frondel, Stephan Sommer, Colin VanceRachid Id Brik, Andrea Roncoroni
The Burden of Germany's Energy Transition: An Empirical Analysis of Distributional EffectsStatic Mitigation of Volumetric Risk
11:15Lukas Gläsel, Reinhard MadlenerRainer Lux, René Mück
Optimal Timing of Onshore Repowering in Germany under Policy Regime Changes: A Real Options AnalysisRisk Management with Weather Derivatives
11:45Lunch Break
12:45Best Paper Session
Lion Hirth, Simon Mueller
System-friendly wind and solar power - How Advanced Plant Design Can Increase the Value of Wind and Solar PV
13:15Sascha Kollenberg, Luca Taschini
The Market Stability Reserve in the EU ETS: Stochastic Equilibrium Modelling and Policy Optimization
13:45Lorenz Schneider, Bertrand Tavin
From the Samuelson Volatility Effect to a Samuelson Correlation Effect: Evidence from Crude Oil Calendar Spread Options
14:15Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
14:30Celine McInerney, Derek W. BunnMartin Hain, Julian Hess, Marliese Uhrig-Homburg
Efficient Use of Transmission Assets by Oversizing Wind Generation FacilitiesRelative Value Arbitrage on European Energy Commodity Markets
15:00Lion HirthMichael Kustermann, Rüdiger Kiesel
Minimal Thermal Generation in Power Systems- Inferring Private Cost Parameters from Observed Firm BehaviorA Structural Model for Coupled Electricity Markets with Application to the French-German Market
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Keynote Speech: Richard Green
Will new forms of energy storage have a role in the electricity market?
17:00Transfer to Zeche Zollverein
17:45Guided Tour Zeche Zollverein
19:30Dinner and Best Paper Award
Wednesday, March 25
Parallel Sessions
09:00Paul Nahmmacher et al.Yves Rakotondratsimba, Pierre Six
Long-term Strategies to Ensure a Robust Performance of the European Electricity SystemCorrelation as a Pricing Factor for Oil Derivatives
09:30Nils Günter MayTakashi Kanamura
The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology ChoicesA Financialization Model of Crude Oil Markets
10:00Benjamin BöckerDamir Filipovic, Martin Larsson, Tony Ware
Storage Evaluation in Congested GridsPolynomal Energy Models
10:30Coffee Break
Parallel Sessions
11:00Alina FedosovaEsmail Ansari
Investment Decisions Testing in Multi-Agent SystemsThe Role of Speculation in Price Formation on the Oil Markets
11:30Anton BondarevNourah AlYousef
Investments Delays and Limit CyclesModeling and forecasting crude oil prices using ARCH-type models
12:00Gunnar KaestleTony Klein, Thomas Walter
Exergy Discounting with the Laplace TransformOil Price Volatility Forecast with Mixture-Memory-GARCH
12:30Closing Remarks

Additional Information & Download

All concurrent session speakers will have approximately 30 minutes (including discussion - e. g. 25 min talk, 5 min discussion) to present their paper. You can download the time schedule (pdf) here.