Universität Campus Essen, September 25-26, 2019

8th INREC 2019 - Uncertainties in Energy Markets

Conference Objective

This conference seizes the occasion to investigate the various sources of uncertainty and risk in the energy field along with the latest methodological developments to cope with them. Contributions from all areas of energy-related research in economics, finance, engineering, social sciences and mathematics are welcome.



Conference Topics

  • Energy forecasting and modelling
  • Risk measurement and management
  • Energy innovations & energy markets
  • Energy policies and economic impact
  • Fluctuation of renewables and load flows
  • Energy data and digitization
  • Stochastic processes in energy
  • Financing energy infrastructure
  • Regulation and regulatory risk
  • Low carbon energy futures
  • Valuation of physical assets
  • Alternative climate policies
  • Commodity prices and world economy
  • Energy market (dis-)equilibria


Further Information

The conference is jointly organized by the House of Energy Markets and Finance. Main contacts:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber

Prof. Dr. Florian Ziel

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kiesel


The conference language is English.

Call for Papers