Conference Objectives

Energy systems and markets are subject to significant short- and long-term uncertainties and risks. Currently, market participants and policy makers in Europe face uncertainties due to the transition to clean energy and geopolitical instabilities. Hence, the development of resilient energy and financial systems, and decision-making under uncertainty are key priorities for researchers and practitioners. We welcome contributions from all areas of energy and climate related research in economics, finance, engineering, social sciences, data science, computer science and mathematics.

Conference Topics

  • Energy forecasting and modeling
  • Data science and decision support for energy and climate finance
  • Energy data and digitalization
  • Predictive analytics in energy markets
  • AI and ML in energy
  • Stochastic processes in energy markets
  • Risk measurement and management
  • Business models, risk, and scalability
  • Low carbon energy futures
  • Risks and resilience in the energy transition
  • Electricity market design and risks
  • Climate policy, regulation, and risk
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Pricing climate change uncertainty
  • Financing energy infrastructure
  • Energy innovations and energy markets